Web Strategy & ROI Analysis

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We create successful web strategies for businesses by identifying customer habits and user journeys. Our in-depth analysis and scientific approach deliver proven results. We develop plans that bring together a wide variety of content platforms to boost customer reach and reputations.

We can create a thorough and bespoke web strategy that ensures your website is an easily accessible and intuitive resource, as well as one that builds your reputation among clients and customers.

We provide one-to-one consultation services to establish your business objectives and how best these can be met through a fully functioning and multi-purpose website.

Your web strategy should be a natural extension of your business strategy and help you reach out to your customers in a way that informs, engages and, most importantly, brings together your key messages. We will ensure that these messages are maximised by analysing your products services and develop the right mix of multi-media platforms that speak the loudest to your current and future customer base.

We will also ensure that your web strategy guarantees returns by utilising a number of ROI indicators.

These include:

Web traffic analysis:

We analyse how people are navigating your site, what cues they are receiving, whether they are fully utilising your pages and functions and are able to find what they’re looking for. We use the latest analytical tools to determine the navigation path of the user, as well as how many clicks it takes to reach their desired information.

Aesthetic analysis:

We evaluate how your website looks, from the number of words on the page right through to the colour pallet and font type you use and develop these aesthetics in line with your brand values.


We also ensure that any broken links within your site are fixed in order to establish a closed loop user experience. This includes sending users back to your homepage following an e-commerce transition, as well as making them aware of additional products and services along as part of the user journey.

We believe it’s vital that your site stands up to those of your competitors and so we provide thorough market research analysis to ensure your site remains at the cutting edge.