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 Open, transparent and honest digital marketers with a proven track record in return on investment with all our dental marketing clients.

Competition in the dental marketing industry is vast and due to its growth it has meant dental practitioners have to work harder to stand out from the crowd. But with hard work comes great reward and we know first hand.

It can be taxing both in time and in effort trying to grow your dental patient list through dental marketing especially when you don’t know where to start marketing your company yourself – That’s where we come in.

We take marketing seriously; we are up to date and fully qualified Google Partners. We have proof of concept of driving qualified leads to our clients, we do this by taking a personal approach to each company we work with knowing that each client works differently and requires its own personal touch. We promise to work in AdWords daily and don’t automate bidding for any campaigns so we can find the correct selling point or CPA for your business.

We make sure to target your local traffic that are genuinely looking for your services, working only with one dentist within a 25-mile radius, as we refuse to make our clients fight against each other for the same space on any search engine. We will treat your money as if it were our own, coming from a family of self employed business owners ourselves we know the importance of spending your money correctly.

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Questions You Should Be Asking Your Current Dental Marketing Team:



What’s my current cost per acquisition?


Lead Window

What is my lead window?


Current Leakage

What is my current leakage i.e. my current portion of AdWords budget spent outside my target location?


Call Tracking

Are my calls tracked and how many am I currently missing from my website?


Google Advertising Space

I currently pay an agency for advertising space on Google but how much of my budget is currently going on my Google Advertising Space?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions or you’re still trying to find these out then you need to read on.

Or simply contact us now if you require immediate assistance with your dental marketing campaigns.


Online marketing, including PPC Ads is 54% successful in generating leads.


The average CTR for an Ad in the first position is 7.94%


At least 27% of all money spent on AdWords is wasted.


The top 3 paid ad spots get 41% of the clicks on the page.

What It Takes To Make A Campaign Work On AdWords

It’s imperative that your AdWords campaigns target your products or services and that the targeting is specific in its set up. Targeting your products or services means your company is being advertised correctly to the customer and you’re not wasting your time with clients that aren’t going to convert.

Making your Ads relevant and engaging will give your prospective clients the confidence that they are picking a business that is right for their needs. It’s also important to have the relevant keyword match within your Ad Groups to help minimise any leakage in budget.

You should also be building content that drives an action from customers once they have clicked through to your website. It doesn’t stop there, as you need to then optimise and tweak your ads, keywords and keyword match types so you can hone in on your customers so you’re always targeting the right market.


Dental Marketing Multi-Device Analytics

Dental Marketing On Different Devices

We work in unison with your company to make sure our dental marketing is in line with your brand across all available devices. Whether it be at home from a desktop computer or on the go on a mobile or tablet.

We Do The Hard Work So You Don't Have To

With proven results in achieving customers’ dental marketing goals, we promise to bring results that will make you confident in our skill set.

How Do We Do This For You?

We have 3 members of highly trained staff that live and breath AdWords, working in AdWords and AdWords Editor directly rather than using third party platforms that can cause errors to occur.

We make sure to target only the most interested of users by using Audiences, Keyword Match Type and qualified AdContent. In turn this will give you the best quality score for your Ads meaning they will appear higher in the Google SERP without having to spend more money.

We know that each client’s business functions differently so we make it our mission to build each campaign with the client to a cost per acquisition that matches the company goals and profit made on the product being marketed.

Contact us if you think we can help you achieve your goals of reaching the top of the Google SERP.